• Kimberly Dawn February 15, 2017 The Grammys

    I truly have a husband that surpasses all I could ever hope for in a partner. He’s everything and more that I could have imagined in a husband. He encourages me to grow, keeps me safe and eddies true goodness and integrity, loyalty and humility. Living beside such a man keeps to constant in my efforts […]

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  • Kimberly Dawn December 30, 2016 New years Resolutions

      As we approach the New Year, the first thing that pops into my mind are the famous “New Years resolutions”. If I’m being completely honest, which I will be, I hate them. I don’t like the pressure of saying I’m going to do something because I almost always fall short. It makes me feel uncommitted; […]

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  • Kimberly Dawn December 17, 2016 Fashion At Any Age

    Growing up in a small farming town and seeing the way a “mom” dressed was well, let’s say, nothing I was striving to emulate, nor was I inspired by.  I told myself from a young age “I will never be a frumpy mom”, and I truly meant it.  The reason I felt so strongly, is […]

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  • Kimberly Dawn November 15, 2016 What’s Inspiring This Week : SoulCycle

      Truth be told, I am not much of a workout girl. I wish I loved to workout and thrived on the endorphin rush, but I just don’t. What I have realized is that it’s not that  I don’t like working out it’s just that I don’t know how to workout. I need some hand holding […]

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  • Kimberly Dawn November 7, 2016 Paris

    As we prepared to go to Paris I was already feeling heartsick, because I knew we were only there for two days. Paris has been a dream of mine, and I knew that two short days was not the way I wanted to see this city that I only dreamt of. Still my heart was […]

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  • Kimberly Dawn November 2, 2016 Wednesday Woman I Admire: Tori Marshall

    There are so many things I can share that I admire about Tori, that words escape me. Not only is she a talented singer, songwriter and music engineer, but she has a true heart of gold.  I met this beautiful soul 5 years ago, when we started collaborating musically. Tori and I had great chemistry and […]

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  • Kimberly Dawn October 31, 2016 The Man I Admire

    I love to write about woman I admire because I love giving accolades to well deserved women. I think we as women should support one another and build each other up. However,  I do think behind most great women there is an amazing man in support of her greatness. In my case it’s my husband, Farshad. […]

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  • Kimberly Dawn October 24, 2016 The Anti-Mean Girl Movement

    Have you ever seen the movie mean girls? Well I have, repeatedly. I guess it strikes a chord in me. The film dives into the in’s and out’s of how certain girls will premeditate their plan of attack on their victim, and many times they do it so well, their deception looks innocent. While there are […]

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  • Kimberly Dawn October 13, 2016 Be A Warrior

      October is National Bullying Prevention Month.  It is a nationwide effort to help everyone become more educated and aware of the epidemic of bullying. Bullying does not just happen at school. Many times, the root of this abuse tactic starts in the home, and then carries into school and other aspects of life. This is […]

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  • Kimberly Dawn September 26, 2016 Fall Fashion Trends

    Fashion is an art and it catches on like wild fire. Not only is it the most potent form of self expression, it’s also the most readily available.  I have always been a big lover of fashion. Even as a young girl, when the closest mall was an hour away, with only a few stores, […]

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