• Kimberly Dawn January 17, 2018 Wednesday Woman I Admire: Vanessa Barnett

    There are  people in my life that I admire because they live their lives being true to who they are. At the same time are genuine, kind and live to be selfless. I can’t say enough about my, long time and dear friend Vanessa Barnett. The qualities that she embodies are rare. Vanessa is a single mother […]

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  • Kimberly Dawn January 15, 2018 Why We Need Girlfriends

    Why is it important, even crucial, to have girlfriends? You may think that it’s a no brainer, but it’s fascinating to see how many girls either have a hard time getting along with other girls, or they exist in a pretty consistent ring of drama with their friends. When we get married, many times people […]

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  • Kimberly Dawn December 27, 2017 Inspiring Young Woman : Demi Lovato

    My daughter, Jordyn with Demi & Joe Jonas on the set of a Camp Rock commercial, back in 2010. There are some artists who I take notice of solely by virtue of their mesmerizing talent and artistry. However, I am most inspired by those artists who possess this amazing talent and use the attention to […]

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  • Kimberly Dawn December 13, 2017 Wednesday Woman I Admire: Caren Leib

    This hard working woman is a friendly and familiar face in my community.  A Mother of two beautiful kids, Sydney and Brady, a devoted wife, and owner of one of my favorite stores, Siany.  Siany is a community favorite and staple for fabulous jewelry, clothing, hostess gifts etc… It’s a go to, one stop shop, […]

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  • Kimberly Dawn December 3, 2017 Choosing To Be Thankful In All Circumstances

    I was having a conversation with one of my girlfriends about gratitude. It’s a word that I see on mugs, doormats, t-shirts, bumper stickers, etc.  Anyway, it was just a nice, but thoughtful exchange about life and what being thankful means on a deep level. Our talk struck a chord with me and got me […]

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  • Kimberly Dawn November 22, 2017 Inspiring Young Woman: Ava Barnett

    I recently had the privilege of attending a very special young ladies Bat Mitzvah, Ava Barnett. For those of you who are not familiar with the significance of a Bat or Bar Mitzvah’s, let me explain a little. In the Jewish faith, when a boy or a girl turns thirteen, he/she is eligible to become […]

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  • Kimberly Dawn November 17, 2017 Reclaiming our Health

    I was at my gynecologist appointment about nine months ago, and feeling a little heavy hearted… It has been a couple years since my first cousin Shawna passed away from ovarian cancer, this was a tragic and painful hit to our family, as well as a reminder of my own mortality. I have been having […]

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  • Kimberly Dawn November 1, 2017 Wednesday Woman I Admire: Valerie Morehouse

    Valerie came into my life almost three years ago. I had already worked with several vocal coaches throughout the twelve plus years of my career, but when I heard about Valerie I was intrigued. Valerie is unique, as she is specifically trained and well-versed in vocal health. Not only does she help one become a […]

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  • Kimberly Dawn October 23, 2017 Millennial Nation

    We keep hearing the term Millennial Generation, Millennial Mentality, etc.  For those of you that don’t know the proper definition of the term, this is a group of people born anywhere between 1982 to 2004, in shorter terms, definitely not me!  Being born into this generation is quite a difficult one to be growing up […]

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  • Kimberly Dawn October 18, 2017 Wednesday Woman I Admire: Sheba Grobstein

    Two years ago I had the privilege of meeting this remarkable woman through my involvement in The Nation Charity League. She is a powerhouse in the world of philanthropy. Sheba is incredibly connected and resourceful in using her time in the best way possible to make the greatest difference in the lives of others.  My […]

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