About Me, From Me.

Kimberly Dawn

I was born in a small rural farming community in Vauxhall, Alberta Canada. One of eight siblings, I grew up in a very modest house with working parents. Life was simple and hard working, but always filled with love and a lot of joy. Each of my siblings had a passion for something and mine was music. Church was my introduction to music and quickly became my greatest passion. Music connected me to my faith, inspired me, and has provided endless joy and comfort since I was a child. My passion for singing led to my first lead in a school musical theatre production at age 10. As I have grown, I have developed a great affinity for the creative side of music as well, including writing. Through song writing, I am able to grow and share emotions that ultimately stretches and settles me. Many of my songs have come from simply playing the piano. A place of relaxation, song ideas flow while I connect with the piano. This is a place of peace for me. Now my writing includes not only lyrics, but melody. It’s big and it’s challenging, even daunting, but when it hits and begins to flow, I am gifted with a piece of myself that is so very true and pure. Having this love and experience of creating my own music has been a true blessing in my life.

Early in my career, I worked with a producer who encouraged me to write my own music and lyrics. That advice was monumental to my growth as an artist. While music is my great passion, it has also tested me in the most challenging of ways. It has taught me perseverance, faith, humility, courage and resilience. There have been many big ups and downs, which is a great metaphor for life. What has remained constant is my love for making music. I wake up each day with new ideas, wanting to create new sounds and continue to grow in my individuality as a musician. Some aspects are challenging and some profound, none are wrong, and somehow they manifest into a song. Little bits of truth that I hope will somehow shed some love.

I am forever evolving and growing. I am far from perfect and I make many mistakes, but I learn from them. Sometimes I even get a good song out of the wisdom that my error has gifted me. My music is evolving along side of me and I see the clarity of that growth in my lyrics. The stories that come forward in my songs are becoming more personal and fluid. The most simple of experiences carry so much inner meaning for me.

Last year, I released a pop album called Day & Night. I am grateful for the time I spent creating that album since every song on that album has a story behind it.

As I grow as an artist, I am learning that as I am true to myself and follow my intuition. I am led down various paths and these paths have led me to where I am today. Today, I am focused on creating inspiring music in a genre that I have always felt was me. This new sound and music is similar to my pop music and leads into my country roots since this is where I feel most at home. With country as my focus, I am back in the studio writing and recording with new music coming this year. I recently dropped my single Warrior, which is just the beginning.

Music has taught me that you can choose to be anything or anyone you want. You are beautiful, you are precious, and so worthy of expressing your truth. Make a difference, stand out in the crowd and decide what you will be remembered for. From the young girl who lived on a farm until she was 18, anything is possible if you just believe.