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Wednesday Woman : Elan Bongiorno

You may recognize Elan Bongiorno for being an Emmy nominated make-up artist to the stars, including; Eva Longoria, Britney Spears, and Jane Fonda. While she is respected in the world of celebrities, Elan is truly passionate about cultivating a feeling of strength, through beauty in women. In addition to her vibrant career, she donates an enormous amount of  her time, skill and heart, to The Beauty Bus Foundation. This Foundation provides beauty services to terminally ill patients and their care givers. They also donate services to mentally challenged children going to Prom. The Beauty Bus will provide in house services to people who are not able leave their homes. Elan jumps right on board every time she is requested to help.  This is an example of the generous heart and purpose that Elan embodies. To say she is gracious and humble is an understatement.

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Beating To Your Own Drum

Many times, we as humans unintentionally judge others. We may think someone should behave a certain way, speak a certain way or live a certain way. What we need to remember is that each and every one of us is beautifully unique and different. What’s the fun in being like everyone else? It’s important to remember that each unique quality that you possess brings a touch of color and excitement to the world.

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