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Wednesday Woman: Alisan Porter

Ali is this beautiful, genuine, sassy kind of girl who immediately draws you in. Her smile and infectious laugh just make everything that much better.

Ali is a girls girl, and she will always tell you what she thinks from a kind and honest perspective. She is a straight shooter, and I respect her immensely because of it. I am inspired by seeing this strong and confident woman who maintains her allegiance to girls. She is also a single mom doing everything she can to raise healthy, confident kids on her own. At the same time following her dreams and passion for music. I am thankful she chooses to share her God given gift with the world.

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Wednesday Woman : Elan Bongiorno

You may recognize Elan Bongiorno for being an Emmy nominated make-up artist to the stars, including; Eva Longoria, Britney Spears, and Jane Fonda. While she is respected in the world of celebrities, Elan is truly passionate about cultivating a feeling of strength, through beauty in women. In addition to her vibrant career, she donates an enormous amount of  her time, skill and heart, to The Beauty Bus Foundation. This Foundation provides beauty services to terminally ill patients and their care givers. They also donate services to mentally challenged children going to Prom. The Beauty Bus will provide in house services to people who are not able leave their homes. Elan jumps right on board every time she is requested to help.  This is an example of the generous heart and purpose that Elan embodies. To say she is gracious and humble is an understatement.

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Wednesday Woman : Kelly Helfman

Kelly is one of my dearest friends that was gifted to me through mutual girlfriends. We connected instantly, and on many parallel levels. We both chose to marry outside of our faith, while maintaining the values, traditions and practices of our religion.  Not an easy feat! We are both deeply devoted to our families as well as our careers, another balancing act we both share.

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