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Just in time for the holidays, Kimberly invites her fans to have a seat by the fireplace to embrace 'Wishin' For Christmas,' a stunning mix of original and classic Christmas songs. Kimberly's voice is sweet and warm, drawing listeners in with her heartfelt lyrics about the magic of Christmas and wishing for the perfect holiday with loved ones. This spirited album released on November 2nd and featured music video to be released (TBD)  titled “Ho Ho Holdin’ You”

The neon lights spelling out “Santa’s Pub” shine brilliantly in the opening scene as a bright piano trill sets the holiday tone. A sequence of clips show the inside of a smokey dive bar decked to the brim with Christmas decor. Santa’s, snowmen, garland, everything you could imagine sprawled across the small bar. As Kimberly and her friends stumble into the bar, they quickly spot the karaoke machine and stage. She takes the stage dressed in a festive outfit including a red sweater and sparkly green skirt. It is hard not to be filled with merry and joy as you watch the whole bar dance along as Kimberly’s sweet voice sings “It’s always Christmas when I’m ho ho holdin’ you.” The lyrics cut as the festive music takes over and we see Kimberly take over a photo booth with her friends to take a bunch of silly pictures. The velvety sounds of a saxophone play out as the video ends with a heartwarming group hug between Kimberly and her friends.


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