• Kimberly Dawn
  • May 5, 2017


There has been a massive influx of young teenage girls spamming social media with provocative  pictures of themselves.  They are not just girly selfies, but unrealistic photos, portraying a certain lifestyle and a”don’t you wish you had my life” expression.

They hide behind their iPhones and computers and watch to see the “Likes” and the “Comments” pour in.  It’s an addiction that is catching like wildfire, and it’s only getting worse. I see it starting in girls as young as twelve, who post pictures of themselves in bikini’s, or cropped tops, in very sexual poses.  They will do anything for the like or the affirming comment, maintaining public accounts for  everyone to see. This shocks me to no end.  My first instinct is to protect my daughters from how toxic this has become. Sadly, I know of mother’s that actually take the pictures of their daughters to post. What has happened to raising confident girls who are smart, beautiful and worthy, without having to show their bodies in bikinis or lounging in sports cars?

Are we raising narcissistic girls as a result of our deeply narcissistic world? Are we excusing this because it’s become the norm? If we continue to let them think that we are okay that they spend their days trying to take the perfect photo, or thinking that the world revolves around them, then we are going to have a world of narcissistic woman, which is terrifying!  These young girls grow up to be adults.

Thanks to The Kardashians, putting the “selfie” on the map, documenting  their glamorous enhanced life all over social media, and well the world, has created an unattainable model. Beauty is enticing, beauty is an elixir, and beauty today, is also toxic.

We as parents have a responsibility to monitor what our kids are posting, as well as educate them in why it’s harmful. There comes a day when we won’t have control, but while they are young, and we pay their bills, we absolutely do.  Children model what they see not what we tell them.  Live with humility, live with awareness, stay grounded and never forget those little girls are watching closely.



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