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Wednesday Woman: Gina Maron

We all walk through this life collecting experiences. We meet certain people that leave an impression, encouraging us to ponder more deeply why they entered our lives. Gina Maron is most definitely this person.

I met Gina 13 years ago, while our kids were in elementary school together. Her daughter Jamie and my daughter Jordyn were both attending kindergarten. Both of us, busy moms with four very young kids, at times feeling like we could barely come up to breathe, somehow locked in. I always knew that there was something profound about Gina. She carries a depth and a curiosity within herself that shines through immediately upon meeting her. Gina doesn't exist on the surface of things, she digs in deeply and it's felt in the way she shares herself and her desire to truly listen. Gina's childhood in Chicago in the early 70’s was filled with an abundance of freedom, along with an extraordinary mother who was a yoga instructor. "My friends and I were always thinking outside the box, Gina shares. I was blessed to be gifted with an alternative lifestyle that has played a massive role in how I’ve gone on to live my adult life and raise my own children. The independence I was forced to adapt to as an adolescent enabled me to grow up with a lot of trust in my own judgment. To this day, I see this heightened intuition as one of my greatest gifts. Becoming a mother was the catalyst of my life’s work and mission. I believe there’s no mistakes in the universe and God gifting me with the challenge and blessing of raising four daughters."

Gina has spent the past 18 years using her own experiences of connecting with herself to coach others, while raising her four daughters. Her childhood was the precursor to her interest in the archetypal aspects of the feminine. In other words, the various entities and complexities that a woman is. Gina shares that the diversity that we have to offer when we live in the fullness of who we are is unparalleled. This is why she does what she does. I asked Gina what it truly means to live as the divine feminine, the activated woman, and to feel radically alive? How do we achieve this? She shares that this is the work of the soul and the journey that she has been blessed to share with many to unlock their fullest potential and give them an opportunity to embark on the same incredible journey. Her podcast ALL ABOUT YOU is the portal of living and experiencing from a new perspective with the intention of helping others find deeper meaning, purpose, and passion in their life. I encourage and offer all of you to check her out. Her perspective is incredibly dynamic and inspiring, a combo very needed for the modern woman.

To stay connected with Gina download her podcast “ALL ABOUT YOU” and follow her on social media.

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