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Wednesday Woman : Jamie Floyd

Jamie Floyd is a petite, cute, gentle and beautiful soul. She lights up any room she enters from the inside out. Her positivity, creative genius, drive and heart are as pure as they come.

I met Jamie through a mutual friend, suggesting that we write together. I was coming to Nashville, and am so very grateful for how the stars aligned for me. Not only were we able write together, but we formed a friendship that I am truly thankful for. Jamie is such a gracious and humble woman in every aspect of her life. I have witnessed first hand how her grace has touched people. She has taught me what it means to exhibit ”grace” with others when they have either done something difficult, or have hurt me. This is an amazing quality to cultivate, as it brings so much peace to all.

Professionally, Jamie is a successful, Grammy-nominated songwriter, as well a phenomenal singer. She appeared in, recorded and wrote the entire 12 song soundtrack to "The Last Movie Star", starring Burt Reynolds and Chevy Chase. She also wrote all of the music for two other made for TV movies, including Dolly Parton’s latest Christmas film. She is a powerhouse of talent. Jamie’s song “Yet To Come,” won Best Song in a Feature Film at the Nashville Film Festival. Her critically acclaimed EP, Sunshine and Rainbows, features "The Blade," which earned Jamie her first Grammy nomination. “The Blade” was also named one of "The Best Songs of 2016" by Rolling Stone magazine. In 2018, Jamie was a contestant on season one of Real Country, which is a part of the USA network. Shania Twain, Jake Owen and Travis Tritt were the judges, and Jamie made it to the grand finale, and later placed fourth overall. This past April she also performed at Stagecoach in Coachella Valley, California. Without any publishing deal or any kind of professional backing, a full time waitress and her own independent publisher and artist —she co wrote “The Blade,” with Marc Beeson & Hall Of Fame Songwriter, Allen Shamblin. It was later recorded by Ashley Monroe and Miranda Lambert on Warner Brothers Records, and produced by Vince Gill and Justin Neibank. Not only did it become the title track of Ashley Monroe’s sophomore album, but it was the only song on the entire album that Ashley did not write herself. The album was nominated for Country Album of The Year at the 2016 Grammy Awards, turning Jamie into a Grammy nominated artist! Her life as a waitress was forever changed. Jamie is in the middle of writing all of the original music in a New Broadway musical called The King’s Wife. It's a hopeful story about the power of female friendship and moving forward even in the darkest of times. Additionally, Jamie created a passion trio project with two renowned artists, Wrabel & Madi Diaz, called The Three Of Us. They are currently releasing singles on Wrabel’s brand new label, Big Gay Records. These are songs they have written together-recorded with just the three of them and one instrument. Jamie continues to work at the restaurant on any given night she is not traveling for her musical or playing a show on the road. Jamie is currently recording new music that will be released sometime this fall before the holiday season begins! The life as a musician hasn’t been roses and butterflies, and Jamie has struggled to maintain balance through it's transitions. I admire her perseverance, and how she doesn’t let anything or anyone hold her back. As Jamie said to me, “even though my life is often times overwhelming and exhausting, I will always believe in myself and hope that all the work I have put in will allow my music to become my one and only job. Until then, I will stop at nothing.” Stay Connected To Jamie and all of the shows coming up, New Albums and everything Jamie Floyd.

Instagram: @jamiefloyd Facebook: @jamiefloydmusic Twitter : @jamiefloydmusic Wedsite: Spotify : Jamie Floyd

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