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Dear Coronavirus...

Dear Coronavirus,

You came into this world like a thief in the night. No warm up or warning, you paralyzed our lives, country by country.

You have brought heartache, fear, anxiousness and uncertainty upon every living human being that walks this planet.

Still.. never, in my lifetime, have I ever seen the human race fully united together in the way that we now are, because of you. So maybe, despite the devastation, is this collective experience, the ultimate lesson to come from this.

Covid19, I can only attest to my own deep and personal experience, but this lesson has been a mighty and profound one.

Thank you for giving me more time, space and gratitude towards my family.

Thank you for forcing me to slow down in every task that I do, seeing the purposefulness in the small things because they hold so much value.

Thank you for quieting the world to such an extreme, so that I may bask in the true abundance and glory of my planet, whose balance you have restored so quickly while our negligence to it is no longer a threat.

Thank you for showing my children to regard and honor the elderly and the weak, as they watch and hear of them perishing.

Will our children remember how to maintain this gratitude and humility?

Will mankind remember to be more kind, and quiet?

Will we remember that the significance of true connection is realized through the loss of it ?

Will we remember to only use what we need ?

We may not remember the beautiful lessons that you have brought to us, but I will and I will live them every. single. day.

Every. Single. Day.

I do know this from you, fierce and mighty Coronavirus... It only takes one person to touch a million. May the awareness of your lessons be the new normal forevermore.

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