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The Pandemic Of Fear

We are living in unchartered territories these days as we are navigating the waters of the coronavirus. The fear of the unknown has us questioning just about everything that we once held true. Often the instinct of fear inducing times like these is to close up, hoard our material resources, and lock down. However, if you are one of the blessed that doesn't live paycheck to paycheck, that has a family to lean on, that has more than enough, actually even if you have reserves of any kind, sharing what you have will ease every part of your taxed nervous system. Connection is what saves us; it's why we are here. I know its counter intuition to the knee jerk reaction to this pandemic, but giving, sharing and extending yourself is the best way to remind your fearful mind that you actually do have enough. This is the time, more than ever to draw on your courage and think of what you can do for those that need most.

Maybe you donate to the countless children who get the majority of their meals from the free breakfast and lunch plans that various public schools provide, maybe you pick up groceries for an elderly neighbor, or maybe you check in with loved ones expressing your love for them. Every effort helps.

No Kid Hungry (helps feed kids who rely on their school meals)

Since places of worship are closed during this time we must rely on ourselves to anchor our spirituality. Now is a better time than any to discover what’s sacred and most important to you, and lean into a higher being for comfort, guidance and faith. We have realized as humans that we cannot control anything, except ourselves and the choices that we make. I'm grateful for this awareness.

I pray that during this time we can all be increasingly kind, empathetic and generous beings, and that this brings a humility and grace that raises the collective bar.

Despite the frenzy of “social distancing” let’s be a good neighbor, and a gracious human being. Buy what you need, not what you can afford. Travel if it's a necessity, not because you're able; move more slowly and with intention; and most of all follow the rules. Think “US” instead of “ME”. Ease someone’s burden as you lighten your own. And always, love and celebrate your loved ones and yourself. Stress and fear is an inhibitor of health and wellness. This is a fact. Look towards the light of things, its always there if we choose to find it.

In closing, if you can't seem to access the meaning behind my well intended words just yet, hug a dog and try again.

Wish I could hug you all, but I'm not allowed.

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