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Cultivating Intuition

I have used the word intuition for as long as I can remember, but I don’t think that I actually anchored into what it actually felt like inside my body up until recently. Maybe it’s age, maybe it’s humility, or maybe a little of both, whatever it is, I feel it within myself stronger than ever before. What I’m learning about intuition, is that we all have it and that it will never steer us wrong, ever. The challenge is making space for it, or in other words, quieting all of the noise inside ourselves to hear this magic thing that we all have access to. It’s like this inner guide, this guardian angel, this roadmap, that we can cultivate to help in being human,which is pretty darn hard some days. When I give myself a moment of stillness upon feeling that pull inside of myself, or that feeling of don’t go there, don’t make that choice just yet, I pause and I hold and somehow I follow my gut which never misleads. The challenge isn’t in finding your intuition, it’s in allowing it.

Had I only know this when I was 18 !

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