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Everyone You Meet Is Fighting A Battle…Be Kind

Lately I have been binge watching a show called Thirteen Reasons Why. This a novel turned into a Netflix series. It depicts how the words and actions of one person can affect a person deeply, for good or bad.

This series has really struck a chord with me. I did not plan on watching it, but when my sixteen year old kept talking about how good it was, her thirteen year old sister began watching it religiously as well. I then felt compelled to watch it because they both were so riveted. The series is very raw and very intense. It’s honest, scary and important as it delves deeply into the effects of bullying. There is rape and suicide that is expressed in a raw and jagged way. This show is blatant. I had my thirteen year old stop after I saw the first episode because I felt like it was too heavy at her tender age to comprehend. The messages this series expresses are important and powerful.

There is always a massive cause and effect when it comes to bullying. Words that are used,

untrue, or even true will leave a mark. Many times the one being bullied doesn’t necessarily realize they are being bullied. I am very aware of this because I was a target of bullying when I was in eighth grade. At the time I did not think of it as being bullied, but rather simply thought the kids were being mean. I remember at one point feeling like it was the end of the world because their cruelty hit me so deep. I felt so alone and all I could do is cry late into the night. Never once did I tell anyone what was going on, but I did plea with the girl who was the cause. Bullying is tricky, it’s sneaking and it preys on the most tender parts of oneself. In my case, I could go home everyday and not have to worry about the abuse continuing on social media as it does today.

I recently heard someone say that a bully is usually popular in school, the irony…. From the outside looking in, I have witnessed many situations from middle school to high school where the mean kids seem to rise to “popular” status quickly. Why is that? My theory, fear feeds toxic power. The victims are afraid of what that bully is capable of doing and out of fear of being the next target, everyone just stays silent or worse, join in.

We all need to stand together in resistance and awareness of this massive problem. From kids to adults, a change must happen. Enough of this atrocious behavior and enough of turning a blind eye out of fear. When you see or notice someone being treated cruel, take a stand. “Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always.” Fear only perpetuates if it is fed.

Love Wins, Always.

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