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Fall Fashion Trends

Fashion is an art and it catches on like wild fire. Not only is it the most potent form of self expression, it’s also the most readily available. I have always been a big lover of fashion. Even as a young girl, when the closest mall was an hour away, with only a few stores, I still loved it and found ways to emulate what I saw on TV or in magazines. I didn’t have money to invest in a fabulous wardrobe, but I still found a way to feel chic or edgy on my little farm in Canada! While life has changed slowly and I have more available to me, I still carry the same love and excitement around personal style. Each season brings new styles, textures and colors and I love all of it!

As fall approaches, I am seeing gorgeous rich jeweled colored velvets. I am so inspired by the colors and smooth feeling of this beautiful fabric that I want to get my hands on some. While the trend is new and pricey, it won’t take long to show up in more moderately priced shops. I like to invest in a few good staples and then find more moderately priced trendy pieces that I can mix in without the stress of spending too much.

I recently had some fun trying on some wish list pieces brought over by my friend and stylist, Jennifer Principe. Jen went to all her favorite stores and brought over amazing outfits to style me in. I am dreaming of owning everything that she showed me. Each piece totally works with my “mom” lifestyle as well as my personal style as a musician, at the same time keeps me feeling pulled together and current. It’s very easy to fall into the yoga pant, ugg boot, flip flop, mom get up, which I surely love, but I find it makes me feel down if I am wearing that day after day. These pieces are a great reprieve from the mundane.

Another fabulous trend for fall that I already have in my closet is taking my long summer floral dresses and adding a velvet blazer which is a fun way to take you from summer straight into fall. Jen added a vintage necklace to finish it off. Voila!

I’m also loving the modern geometric patterns that pair so well the gorgeous velvet pants that are being shown. You can dress it up and make it a little more funky by adding a leopard vest to the print.

Have fun with all these fall fashion, I sure had fun playing dress up. Thanks so much to my dear friend, Jen Principe @

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