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Family Time = Quality Time

I wanted to share with you a remarkable vacation I took this summer with my family. Since our daughter is preparing to head off to college, we wanted this summer to be a vacation for her. We were prepared to visit Europe, because she had never been and has always dreamt of it. Her request was to go to yearly summer vacation in the Bahamas. She wanted to do what we have done every summer for the past 12 years. The specialness of that island has a hold on her too it seems.

This year we decided to stay on land for five days and then we chartered a yacht for eight more days. I have always had a strange fear of drowning, so being isolated on a boat for eight days gave me a little anxiety. A few years ago we chartered a boat for three nights and on our very last night a bad storm hit us and it rattled me. I have found that the best and least comfortable tactic with fear is to face it head on, which I did.

Being out in the ocean is a very calming experience for me. It’s humbling, mesmerizing and incredibly serene. The water in the Bahamas is unlike anything I have ever seen and when I tell you it never gets old it really never gets old. I could gaze upon it forever

Every day eating three meals together as a family is very special. Our conversations, just being together. During the days we would go snorkeling, go on the jet skies, find sand bars in the middle of the ocean or just go fishing. Watching my girls spend quality time together and enjoying being together melted my heart. Watching my older son take his little brother out on the jet skies and spend time with him was so special.

Every year the kids will jump from the top of the boat, It’s about 30 feet. I’ve never done it but this year I told the kids I was gonna be brave and do it. I got to the top and it took me probably fifteen minutes to actually jump but I did it. Did I mention I also have a fear of heights? I’m so glad I did it. We went snorkeling with the turtles. I usually have a panic attack snorkeling because I’m claustrophobic. I was able to hold onto a floating device that helped keep me calm. When I was able to finally get the breathing portion under control I was able to let go of the floating device and be in the water and actually swim with the turtles. I was even able to touch them which was such an exhilarating feeling. All of these fears that I have I worked through them on this trip. I wanted to be in a healthy place for my children so I could enjoy every minute with them.

I realize these moments in our lives are very fleeting and in an instant things change. As they get older eventually they will get married and thats wonderful but it also changes things. I’m just thankful that we are able to take vacations with our kids and build theses memories. Most importantly it’s just being able to get quality time together.

Yes this was an extravagant vacation and I loved every minute of it. Having a chef cook all our meals, literally being catered to 24/7 and having my family all to myself. I wouldn’t change a thing. You don’t have to go on a vacation to make memories and quality time , you just need to make the effort it takes to make quality time.

As Jordyn prepares to leave for college and start this next chapter in her life. It’s gonna be hard for of us. This is a big change for our family with her not being at home. It’s going to be a hard transition for me and I know for the entire family as well as herself. I feel that we were able to give Jordyn a great sendoff as well as beautiful memories that will last a lifetime.

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