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Filtering Life

We live in a world that is all consuming with social media and what everyone is doing. Its 24/7 and almost impossible to get away from unless you live somewhere remote and don’t have access to any electronics including television.

I am not one of those people who lives in a cabin somewhere in Alaska. I have four kids and between iPhones, computers, snap chat,Facebook,and instagram. I am fully in compassed in society and quite frankly its overwhelming.

I am constantly seeing bloggers, models, musicians, viners (whatever that is) and somehow I feel depressed and depleted by the information, visual and otherwise. 19 years ago, my life could not have been more different than the current culture that I have somehow jumped on board with. I was married at 22 and had my first baby at 23. By the time I was 30 I was feeling the pressure of being more, because somehow my life as mom and wife didn’t feel like it was worthy enough. I think its worse today then it was even 10 years ago with the massive infiltration of social media. I see so many stay at home moms that have become bloggers and started making an income from that, or just jumping on the virtual bandwagon. I’m a subscriber to this wave, and I see the pressure and how it can take over and pull me out of what is real. It’s a challenging balance to maintain and really to even comprehend fully.

What I do know is that being present and available to my children and husband is tangible and real and while it’s not glamorous, it fills me in a way that an Instagram filtered photo does not.

I’m working on the balance and holding on to what is real and not falling prey to the illusion of the screen. I wrote a song called “Perfectly Imperfect”, that expresses this paradox that I find myself contemplating. It surely helped me to express my emotions through music. I hope you enjoy.

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