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From Sprinkles to Soul Cycle

I have never loved to workout, it’s painful and hard and I never get to the endorphin rush that I hear is so great. I think the whole experience is pretty awful. I had a good run of not really needing to exercise to look ok, but as I grow up its all starting to shift on me. Fast.

With 40 approaching, I decided to go the doctor to get a blood panel done. When I went in to get my results, my doctor asked , “Do you eat a lot of sugar, because your glucose level is a lot higher than where it should be for your age”. I immediately pictured myself inhaling the Sprinkles frosting shots that are a loyal part of my diet (thanks to my friend Robin who told me about them). I also indulge in candy bars while driving or late at night when,then there’s of course hot chocolate since I don’t drink coffee. I also have never met a cookie that I didn’t like. The Doctor proceeded to tell me that a glucose level of 125 is considered diabetic. I’m pushing it. Now I know that there are different types of diabetes and I am not at all claiming to know everything about this disease. What I do know is that my guilty pleasure/addiction and lack of real exercise, is becoming an issue. If that’s not a wake up call then I don’t know what is.

I decided to take on the infamous Soul Cycle that is becoming a religion for many. I have friends that swear by it, these are the same friends that also exercise regularly and don’t know the Sprinkles employees by name.

I put on my best lululemon and drove to Malibu. I was nervous when I walked in because the Malibu people looked very fit and soul cycle-ish…

My plan to get a back corner seat did not succeed, so there I was, in the middle with all the pros, trying to look like I was a regular. I was already tired and hungry before I even strapped in my shoes. Alex came in. Kinda your quintessential Malibu yoga, fitness, mellow dude. I could have sworn that he saw me as a newbie even though I was trying sink low into the seat. I pretended that I knew what I was doing with the gears on my bike. Alex turned the lights down very low and proceeded to light candles that were placed throughout the room. Now I was really nervous, but happy that it was dark. The music started and it was intense, kind of like a night club with the music pumping and the energy growing. It took me a minute to get out of my head and stop looking to see if my form was exactly like my neighbors. The music really took over the space and before I knew it I was in it, feeling the energy. It was like we were all dancing on our bikes in unison. I forgot about it all and loved the feeling of my heart pumping to the music. I was sweating and singing and dancing and fully in the moment, and just like that an hour passed. Amazing. I have to say that after my Soul Cycle initiation, I was convinced that I would go daily and live on pressed juice.

Well, I haven’t gone daily and the pressed juice, no cupcakes diet isn’t totally in full swing, but I must say that the Soul Cycle bug did bite me and it’s starting to put my consciousness with my health into motion.

Sprinkles is still my first love, and I am pretty loyal, but I am committed to expanding my horizons!

If you haven’t tried Soul Cycle well I highly recommend it.

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