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Gifts From The Heart

For the past five or so years I have been invited to “My Favorite Things “party. Two of my girlfriends host it every year, and it’s truly the sweetest and most fun event. Each girl places her gift in the pile of unknown gifts and then we all choose a number. Essentially it’s the white elephant game where you can choose to steal someone’s gift or pick a new gift from the pile. The difference is when your gift is chosen you are to explain why this is your favorite thing.

I look forward to this every year because it’s such a beautiful night of sharing with gifts that are truly from the heart. The one I ended up with this year was precious. It was not the first gift I chose but mine got stolen so I stole this particular gift. My gift giver made a beautiful bracelet that she called the Nirvana Bracelet. It’s made of chalcopyrite, which is an uplifting stone that is suppose to ground nervous energy and release stress. It also increases happiness, stimulates creativity and soothes emotions. When I heard all of that I was like, “GIVE ME THAT NOW”. This gift was truly a gift that Tiffany put her heart and soul into. As she carefully explained the reason why she decided to make the bracelet, as well a the other beautifully chosen additions, the feeling of love she bestowed upon the recipient was magnificent. I felt so very cared for and inspired to do the same.

I left that night with a full heart, wearing my bracelet proudly. How wonderful it feels when someone does something with their whole heart. You can feel the love that goes into something, including the simplest acts of kindness. This sweet party left me wanting to be more contiencious of doing things with my whole heart. What a gift !!

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