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Inspiring Young Woman: Lucky Kyles

Lucky Kyles is a typical fourteen year old girl, who has an a typical knack for business.

Lucky really loves and gets hair. Through this passion, she is in the process of creating her own hair product line. She noticed a lot of products that she was using contain a lot of harsh chemicals, weighing down her hair and sparking an interest in creating something better. Lucky was 13 when she started experimenting with hair products. She started making her own shampoos, conditioners, and different treatments for her hair. She started researching and speaking to experts in the field because she wanted to educate herself from the ground up. Amazing tenacity from a young woman of barely 14 !

When Lucky is passionate about something she will research it and educate herself tirelessly to become an expert at what she’s doing. Only then does she move forward. Pretty amazing dedication. Now she is busy creating a line from wisdom, experience and passion. A recipe for success I’d say.

Lucky also has a fashion blog that she started at 13. Lucky’s mom was a wardrobe designer and personal shopper, so she grew up watching her mothers creative process. Through that, Lucky cultivated a strong sense style. At 12 she was invited to be a part of LA fashion week. It was her foray into runway modeling. She was quickly contacted by LA models. She didn’t have any photos or anything to show them but the experience prompted Lucky to start her own fashion blog on instagram @itsluckyluxe. Lucky shared that she loves the way her mom dresses and she is such an inspiration to her in so many ways. What a beautiful legacy.

While Lucky loves to dance and cheer and spend time with her family and friends, she possess a dedication and perseverance that stand apart. Her family has instilled incredible values, creativity and philanthropy in her and it shows in her every move. Lucky has been a part of National Charity League for almost three years and it is a big commitment but one she has fully embraced. I can’t wait to see how this young woman continues to blossom.

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