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Kimberly Dawn Releasing New Single 'Leave Her Better' Available for Pre-Save Now

Life has been busy for me. Busy in the best way. The studio has become like a second home to me while completing my new single 'Leave Her Better,' to be released June 15. It will be a part of the country album I've been putting sweat and tears into to make it my best album yet. You can pre-save it now!

I'm also working on a brand new Christmas Album, because who doesn't love Christmas?

I never thought I'd cherish the blisters on my fingers, but each one symbolizes the work I put into writing my songs. Everything I do is a passion project, built from love and gratitude.

My new single, 'Leave Her Better,' was co-written with two amazing songwriters, Pete Sallis, and Megan Barker. How honored I am to work alongside such talented artists who love to create music as much as I do.

It came from the heart and is an ode to vulnerable romantics who deserved better from a breakup. Every woman I know has been on the receiving end of a brutal breakup. Why not "look her in the eyes, just be honest?"

While writing the lyrics for 'Leave Her Better' I wanted to raise questions that would make the breakup process less devastating. "Why can't break-ups be amicable and honest?" You can leave her better.

I am excited about this song and feel the lyrics will resonate with many people. Relationships are hard. Saying goodbye is painful. Closing a chapter is scary. "Be the one to let her down on soft and solid ground."

Break-ups are a natural and necessary part of relationships. But they don't have to be terrible.

Pre-save 'Leave Her Better' now to be one of the first to hear it on June 15!

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