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Life In The Fast Lane

A day in my life consists of this today…

6:30 am– Wake up and start getting myself ready before I have to wake up kids

7:00 am – Start waking up the kids one at a time. First Jordyn and ironically she was up because she has to be at school at 7:45. Go wake up Avery but today she was tired so it was a bit of a struggle to get her up. Wake up Tyler who is not wanting to get up. I let Camden sleep just a little longer because it doesn’t take him long to get ready.

7:15 am– Go back in the room to wake up Tyler and then go wake up Camden.

7:30am – Go wake up Tyler and Camden both. Neither one of them is wanting to get up.

7:30am– Thank heavens for Farshad he is leaving to drop Jordyn off at schools so she’s not late.

7:45 am– Walking out the door with Tyler, Camden and Avery.

8:00 am– Meet Farshad at Starbucks cause he pre-ordered drinks and food for the kids (yes this is their breakfast today). I hand over Avery and Camden cause he is going to take them to school cause I need to get Tyler to school, he is late.

8:15 am– Drop off Tyler, sign him in cause he is late.

8:37 am– Head over to my favorite shake place, SunLife to get myself a protein shake so I can start my day.

9 am– I head over to Camden’s second grade class. I work in his class every Tuesday. I sometimes read with the kids, mark homework or anything his teacher needs me to do.

9:45 am – Run over to the bank

10 am– Head over to do some grocery shopping. I have to make 10 dozen cookies today for a National Charity League event on Friday

11 am – Time to start making my 10 dozen homemade cookies, Just to give you a little background with National Charity League, anytime you sign up to make cookies they have to be homemade, NO store bought and they check.

11:37 am – Rushing out the door cause I have to get over to the Middle School. I work in the café every Tuesday. I rotate between the High School and Middle school.

11:45 am – I’m a little late cause I hear all the kids rushing into the café but I have made it.

1 pm – Finished my lunch shift now I am heading home to try and finish baking 10 dozen cookies before school pick up.

2:35 pm – Running to pick up Camden and Avery from school.

2:45 pm – Ran over to pick up the pizza I called in a head of time because I know the kids are always starving when I pick them up from school.

3 pm- Just got home. Avery is changing for her dance class that starts in 30 minutes

3:30 pm- Dropped Avery off at dance

3:35 pm – Sat down to do homework with Camden. Also finish making the last of the 10 dozen cookies.

4:10 pm– Farshad came home and we left to go watch Tyler’s lacrosse game.

4:20 pm – Jordyn had to get picked up at school from her tutor session and then dropped off at home to do homework.

5 pm– Had my sitter grab Avery from her jazz class bring her home to start on homework.

6 pm- Jordyn gets dropped off at dance .

6 pm– Tyler’s lacrosse game just finished ( They Won, Yeah)

6:15 pm– Farshad, Tyler, Camden and I ran to grab a quick protein shake for me because I have a meeting for Jordyn.

6:35 pm– I made it to my meeting. I am a chaperone for my daughter Jordyn’s 8th grade East Coast trip in May. This was an informative meeting and just letting us know what is expected on the trip. I am very excited to go.

8 pm– Just got home and now I am feeding kids and having them shower to get ready for bed.

8:30 pm – It’s time to read with Camden before bed.

9 pm– Camden and Avery are in bed

9 pm – check emails and respond to emails

9:50 pm– Jordyn is just walking in the door from dance. Thank goodness for good neighbors because my awesome neighbor dropped her off at home for me.

10 pm – Finally some time to myself. I am going to sit at the piano and just bask in the peace and serenity that it brings me. Even though I am seriously exhausted I need to have this down time for myself in order to clear my mind.

11 pm– I am going to bed (this is early for me, but I can tell my mind and body are in need of some serious rest)

Before I end this post I wanted to mention to all of us woman out there who are so busy with jobs, maybe a spouse, children or your caring for aging parents, I think it’s important to realize it’s okay to ask for help. I am one of those people that does not like to ask for help. This causes me to have my fair share of melt downs. It is impossible for me to be in four different places at the same time. Asking for help is okay and honestly people want to help. I have also realized that because my life is so busy with everyone’s schedules I have to find time somewhere in the day for me. For me sitting at the piano and playing or writing a song is what brings me happiness. It is my creative outlet and when I do not let myself do these things I feel like I am not able to be the best mom or wife or friend that I could be.

When I step back and Look at what my day was like, I am so grateful that I was able to have a couple of people step in and just take a load off my shoulders. I am reminded of the quote “It takes a village to raise a child”. Guess what, it’s true!!

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