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National Charity League

Today was a great day. As busy as life is (and today was exceptionally busy today), I love to make time for charitable organizations. My daughter, Jordyn and I joined National Charity League a couple of years ago. It’s an organization that really fosters the Mother/Daughter relationship by working with different philanthropic organizations. We do it together and it has been a real bonding experience for us.

Today we were able to go help at bingo over at The Motion Picture Country House. Jordyn and I baked 10 dozen cookies and we were able to sit with some of the residents and play bingo with them. We both love doing it. These elderly men and woman are so sweet. Some can be a little abrupt but when your 102 it’s okay. It is seriously so amazing how old some of these residents are, and they are still pretty healthy.

I love to hear their stories from the past. It makes them feel good that someone is showing interest in what they have to say. That alone makes me feel good just to know I made someone smile. Aren’t we all here on this earth to give service to others, lend a hand to help someone. I am grateful that Jordyn and I have had the opportunity to be a part of NCL and experience this together. I look forward to our continued involvement as well as in another year Avery is going to be able to join as well. I’ll get to do this with both my girls.

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