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New years Resolutions

As we approach the New Year, the first thing that pops into my mind are the famous “New Years resolutions”. If I’m being completely honest, which I will be, I hate them.

I don’t like the pressure of saying I’m going to do something because I almost always fall short. It makes me feel uncommitted; lazy, weak; basically like a failure. So harsh right ? So let it be known… That I am now officially tossing resolutions out and incorporating New Years affirmations in ! This year I am focusing on things that I know will bring me joy. Things that I can write down, post a picture somewhere, and look at it as a daily reminder of what I’m either wanting to accomplish or what I’m wanting to happen. This is a gentle and tangible act that feels gentle and very doable.

This year I have so many things that I have already set into motion by stating them out loud to the Universe. By doing so deliberately, I’m letting it be known this is something that I’m wanting to create for myself or for others. Being able to watch everything unfold is what manifesting is. I am manifesting these affirmations this New Years, and I am feeling very graceful about it. #winning !

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