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One Nation

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to live in a world where everyone lives with love and respect for one another? Wouldn’t it be novel to be able to voice your opinion, questions, or thoughts openly and respectfully without worrying about backlash or worse, harm to you?

It is hard to watch the news, as it seems that everything that is on is negative and frightening . It feels like the world is ready to come to an end with all of the devastating attacks happening, the hate crimes, the natural disasters, etc. It’s depressing and terrifying to watch, which is why I don’t particularly hurry to watch the news these days. I think it is crucial to educate ourselves on what is happening around the world, but I also think we need to take it all in with some perspective. I feel like the media has scared and manipulated into massive fear and horrible divide. Many American people are afraid to travel or go anywhere in fear of the unknown.

There are definitely places that I feel we all need to be mindful about traveling to, but I also think you have to be smart regardless of the political climate. When you’re in a different country you need to be aware of their laws, customs and pace. The freedoms we enjoy here in America are not the same freedoms others experience in other countries. There are also other freedoms other countries possess that we do not. Respect and awareness are a must as a visitor.

Freedom of speech and freedom to worship have a totally different meaning in America then they do in many parts of the world, thanks to our Constitution. That being said we are having our own issues of rebellion in our country because of this incredible right. Many are taking freedom of speech to cause harm and divide. Running down people who are (protesting) or expressing their opinions or beliefs is tragic, as it is our constitutional right to do so. This country was founded on fighting for our rights. We are not always going to respect or like another’s views, but as Americans we have the right to voice them.

While we seem to be be divided in these difficult times, my hope is for unity. The truth is that we as Americans, are incredibly privileged to even have the opportunity for discourse. I wish we could honor it and learn from one another, vs. beat our chests. Sometimes when we are accustomed to such liberties we become excessively cavalier. Kind of like spoiling a child excessively and then wondering where his humility went. These are not times to be so brazen. Our countrymen in Texas are underwater and racist uprisings are happening on college campuses. These are grave times, yet still most of us are unscathed. I for one, am grateful for my safety and for my good fortune , but I will not turn a blind eye to those who are less fortunate, nor will I live my life burdened with the fear of what if. Living courageously, intentionally and informed are the best we can do for ourselves, our children, and those around us. I hope we can all agree on that and move forward with eyes, hands, minds and hearts open.

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