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As we prepared to go to Paris I was already feeling heartsick, because I knew we were only there for two days. Paris has been a dream of mine, and I knew that two short days was not the way I wanted to see this city that I only dreamt of. Still my heart was full and ready to see the city of lights.

We took the Euro train from London to Paris. When we arrived, I literally felt like I needed to pinch myself. It’s truly out of a movie. I’ve seen so many movies that have been shot in Paris, but actually being there is something quite different. It’s surreal and overwhelming, hitting on all 5 senses at the same time.

We took a car to our hotel, The George V. This hotel took literally TOOK MY BREATH AWAY. I walked in and wanted to cry from sheer emotion and gratitude. The flowers, the smell, the elegance the feeling… I took it all in. I’m in Paris with my love. What a dream…

I took out my extensive list of things I wanted to do in Paris. My husband was such an angel. All he cared about was wanting to make sure I got to do everything on my list. I took my list to the concierge to have them help us map out a strategy.

We went shopping that first day. Joy ! I didn’t buying anything, but I just wanted to explore and look around. I wanted to see all their fashion, the windows, the people the gorgeous designer boutiques. Paris fashion week had just ended the day before, so the buzz was still alive. We went to several areas in Paris that have the most beautiful couture shops. Saint Germaine, Avenue Montagne, Le Bon Marché and Rue du Fauborg Saint Honore. It’s shopping on steroids. Chanel, Fendi, Yves Saint Laurent,Hermes,Gucci and the list goes on and on. I didn’t know what to look at first. Walking along the famous Champs Elysee is an experience of beauty that words cannot convey.

There are so many museums and monuments to see. Notre Dame, The Louve (I recommend getting a guide to take you and spend some time there if you can), Sacre Coeur Church (you will get an amazing view of Paris), Rodin Museum (famous Rodin art like “The Thinker” is there), and L’Orangerie museum (famous paintings of Monet’s Water Lilies are here) are all an absolute must. I wanted to go to The Palace of Versaille, but time was limited. What we did see was so incredibly stunning and rich.

There are so many gorgeous cafe’s, just pop into one and enjoy a croissant with tea, hot chocolate, or coffee, whatever suites your fancy. Eat macaroons because you should and they are unlike anything.

We did dine at La Jules Laverne which is inside the Eiffel Tower. What a view and the food was definitely five star rating. It’s worth it to plan ahead to experience this. We also went to Coste for dinner. Great Parisienne vibe and ambience. We also ate at L’Avenue for lunch and that’s a must too. The dining is much like the shopping. Gorgeous decadent and perfectly executed. They just get beauty at it’s core.

I loved everything about Paris. At night, the Eiffel Tower is lit and it feels like your in a dream. There is nothing like it.

I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful or perfect first time trip to Paris. The fact that it was with my husband made it perfect, because it is truly the most romantic place imaginable. I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

I have kept saying that I wanted to take a family trip to Europe, but after going with Farshad I’ve realized that it’s a special kind of trip to take with your love. I do hope to experience it as a family, but I am grateful to have had such a romantic experience with my beloved husband.

To be able to travel and see other parts of the world is a gift and a blessing, not to mention the greatest education one can give themselves. I really have the traveling bug now. What a vast world we live in with o much to see and experience. Thank you Paris, you stole heart.

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