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Poker Tournament at Sherwood for Shane Perrigo

Today I have been working hard to help a very dear friend of mine put on a Poker Event that is going to benefiting Leukemia. We did this same event last year and it was quite successful. So naturally when she asked me to help her again this year I was honored to be a part of it.

Andrea’s 11 year old son, Shane Perrigo, was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia 18 months ago.

Andrea’s mission-to help find cures and more effective treatments for blood cancers has led her to participate in a sports endurance event, The Lavaman is an olympic distance (1.5K Swim, 40K Bike and 10K Run) triathlon that will be held on the Big Island of Hawaii on March, 30th, 2014!

We put on this poker event in hopes to continue to raise money and find a cure for blood cancers. It of course is dear to my heart because I have 4 children of my own and to have a child who is sick is the most horrific feeling. You would do anything to protect and make them feel better.

You can follow along Andrea’s Team In Training here – as well as learn more about her experience with Lavaman last year and help them reach their fundraising goal this year!

Please click here for details on reserving your seat to play and/or attend! Reservation is required as seating is limited. Please RSVP as soon as possible.

We all appreciate your support!

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