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On Sundays, without fail, I attend church and I have for my entire life. This has been an absolute constant. I need a day to refuel my soul, ground myself and prepare for the week ahead. It centers me, anchors me and creates space to reflect and bring me back to center. I notice that when I don’t go, I am out of sorts and my week never seems to go as smoothly internally. It’s a devotion that gives to me in ways that are so quiet, yet powerful beyond words.

In this ever changing world that we live in, one thing that I think is forgotten, or not cultivated is prayer. It is so simple and always available, yet difficult for so many. When life throws you into chaos, which we can count on, we can pray. We can pray at any given moment, no matter the time or place. The words used are of no consequence, as long as they are expressed in truth and honesty. There are no rules in prayer.

I am a Christian woman who strongly believes in the practice of prayer, and I have turned to it in all moments of my life. I have seen and felt what it has done for me, as well as many others. It’s a beautiful communion, available to all souls.

I heard someone say, that through the test of time the one thing that has stayed constant is the ability to speak to our creator. Whichever faith you are connected to, or spiritual practice you may hold true, we can all anchor to a greatness that is bigger than ourselves. As a Christian woman, my modality may be different than yours, but the love in essence, is the same. That force surrounding us has wanted to make sure that we would be able to share ourselves. I do wish that our schools would incorporate prayer in the day. No denomination needed, just faith and love.

There are so many different ways that people pray or show devotion. None of it matters, what matters is that it’s used . Just the act of doing it makes a difference. There is so much eternal and inherent goodness in each of us and praying frees up so much, allowing that light to be shed. I sure think we could all use some extra light these days.


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