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Sacred Traditions

I love to travel and am fascinated by the prospect of it. Even though I can’t say I have had the opportunity to travel to some I long for, London, Paris, Australia, Bali, Israel and India to name a few; I have had to come to the realization that I may have to go to some of these places on my own as my kids and husband don’t share my passion.

This year my oldest son will be graduating from high school. I really wanted my husband and I to take the family to Europe as a final family trip before he enters manhood. Sadly, no one shared in my excitement. Every one of them wanted to go back to the Bahamas, which is where we have gone for the past 10 years. Same resort, same time of year, same number of days. I have to admit,

without sounding spoiled, I was not happy about it. I feel like we never experience different places and that this year was going to be our big step into the vast world. Nope, not this time. When I sat with silly upset, I realized for my kids it has become like a second home to them. They know their way around the lay of land, the people have become familiar, their memories deeply intrenched. They love the watersides and hanging out in the cabana, they love the pace and the freedom that they have as they have grown into pre adulthood.

As I moved into acceptance that my dream of a family European holiday was going to remain just that, I remembered the peaceful, and serene feeling that the island offers me consistently. We are surrounded by the majestic Caribbean Ocean. 20 shades of blue, that never cease to humble. It’s breathtaking and there is something so healing for me being so very near to the water. It calms my soul and promotes stillness which in turn sparks my creativity. Nature reigns there, which allows me to slow down and get my feelings down on paper, transcending them into music. My family also shifts into a different flow. Internet is spotty and we move into a groove of togetherness and simplicity. I think this is what the pull is for my children and family, whether they recognize it or not, and why they look forward to this healing place.

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