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Stop To Smell The Roses

Life seems to always be moving at lightning speed. If I wanted to, I could literally fill every second of the day with something. As my good friend Shelene Bryan says, “there are 86400 seconds in a day, what are you going to do today?” Those words play over and over in my mind quite a bit. It really makes me think about life and what is important. Keeping too busy, also keeps us from what is truly precious.

I have been shifting my presence during my daily rituals that I sometimes mindlessly rush through. I love these things, but find that I do them without presence or while multi-tasking. Things like sitting outside and just breathing in the fresh air while sipping on a cup of tea, bring me such joy, however, when I bring my phone and check emails, I miss the experience. Or when its late at night and I climb into bed where my eleven year old has fallen asleep and immediately he moves in to snuggle on me, and I stop to check my FB real quick. These are the moments that I love beyond anything else, and they deserve my full attention, because I deserve to relish in them. These are the joys of my life that expand my heart to no end. When I stop and linger in these moments, my appreciation of life and love fill the whole world. They deserve all of my love and respect. No distractions.

When I’m in this beautiful space within myself, I think about what my legacy will be? Do I want to be known as the mom who was uber busy accomplishing a million tasks a day? Do I want to be known as the wife who gave to everyone and everything else at the expense of not sharing time with my wonderful husband? The answer is no. I hope my legacy to be that I was present and committed to those that I loved most and that that example inspired others. That is my only wish and I am committed to it. Lets all choose our legacies with care and work together at living them daily with love and commitment.

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