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Strong Women

“Here’s to strong woman. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.” I feel this quote way down deep. We live in a society where women are becoming ever more rooted in themselves. This shift brings the courage to stand up for what matters most, not just individually, but for women as a whole. With this shift, also comes struggle. Many men, as well as women are intimidated by this movement, and fight to embrace it. The bigger question is, how do we raise our girls to become strong women?

As the the years pass, I feel ever closer to my inner circle of girlfriends. I’m talking about my deep rooted girlfriends, my sisters. Each of them possess this strength that I am I talking about. Each one is wise, each have endured and each see my goodness when I cannot. They maintain a high standard of integrity within themselves, which shows in all of their relationships. I am their rock and so loyal. My circle is small and as I have gotten older I have realized more is not better.

I tell my daughters to surround themselves with young women that live with honestly and integrity because these girls make the best friends. I share with them to watch closely, the mothers of their friends, how they speak to others, how they choose engage in the world. This speaks volumes. I bring up to them women that I have in my life who are great examples of such qualities. The clues are always there. I remind them that if someone is talking behind their friends back then they are talking about you too. That has been a hard lesson for me, but a valuable one. In getting betrayed or knocked down, we learn these life lessons, in return we grow and recognize that we can choose health. I want to set the example for my daughters that the friendships they choose to invest are direct reflections of how they hold themselves. I encourage them to choose wisely, with honest thought. Life to too difficult to not advocate women supporting woman. It breaks my heart when women choose to tear other women down because of their own lacking. I hope for us we can make a commitment as woman to stand together and support one another. Light attracts lights and perpetuates it.

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