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Summer Fashion

We are deep into Spring, but Summer is beckoning, and I cannot wait! I love the different seasons for many reasons, but most passionately for the new fashion trends being created. I adore fashion and the expression it brings to all.

Right now, Gucci and Coach are inventing themselves and coming forward with such beautiful and exciting new collections. Gucci has a new creative designer, Alessandro Michele, who has really put Gucci at the very top in the the fashion industry in my opinion. I absolutely love everything he has done, and I cannot wait for the more affordable variations that will come out as a result of his spectacular creations. I am also loving all the new updated Coach bags. Coach is really making an even stronger name for themselves, and their bags are truly gorgeous.

Mules and slides are in high demand as the hot new trend in footwear, so if you do not have a mule or slide, now is the time to invest. I just got my first pair of mules by 3.1 Phillip Lim, and I love how versatile they are.

Eye-popping fuchsia, zingy yellows, metallics and tropical greens, rule this summer. I’m pushing my standard blacks and grey’s to the back of my closest, and brightening up with these new shades I’m collecting. You will also see lots of patterns on pants, tops and dresses. Fashion is cheery this Spring and Summer season, and cheery is surely welcomed in my book.

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