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Summer is on my mind… I have been counting down the days for the school year to be over, and for the expansive, lingering days to begin. A welcomed break from a strict school schedule, as well as a temporary end to fighting with my twelve-year-old every morning as he begs in his little raspy voice, “can I just have five more minutes.” Summer can’t come fast enough.

I relish in spending quality time with my family. I dream of packing up and going far away to a remote island where I can just be with my husband and my kids. No cell phones, televisions or computers. No distractions, just us, playing board games or charades. I wasn’t born yesterday and I know it’s not a hundred percent realistic, nor would my kids even come, but a mom can dream! What I am realistic about is that I am going to have an amazingly beautiful summer with my family. It does not mean we need to take a fancy vacation, or castaway to my dream island. It’s about quality, uninterrupted time, it’s about the memories my kids will carry long after I am gone. These are the memories they will share with their children about the life they had.

As I am getting older and my kids are becoming independent beings, I am truly honing in on keeping my family close. There are moments in life that are deeply precious. They are those connected, intimate moments that money can’t buy. Wherever we end up, my goal is certain. The only thing that matters is that we are together.

Here’s to an amazing summer and many more memories.

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