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One of the best things that we can do for our kids and our family is to create traditions to anchor our togetherness. For our family Christmas Eve dinner is our big event. I wanted to make this something that was special and of course something we all look forward to ever year. I love to take my time in planning the menu and decorate our table in a way that is unique to this beautiful evening. I invest in it because the ongoing yearly tradition has now grown into an important part of who we are, and all of my family members honor it’s sacredness.

I love to decorate the table slightly different every year with hopes to make everyone feel how very special the evening will be. After dinner, everyone who is at our home recieves a gift to open. Our kids, myself and my husband open a pair of Christmas pajamas. After 16 years of this tradition, they know what they are getting, but it’s still fun, sweet and well received.

We include friends some years to partake in our families special tradition, particularly if they are alone that year. It’s a great pleasure to welcome a loved one, and it always adds an extra element of sweetest to an already cherished evening. Giving is truly everything.

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