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Now that the frenzy of the election is behind us, and we all gear up for the unknown ahead; I sit with relief that it is over; and yet with concern over the divide that seems to be sweeping across our precious country. I have never been a woman of firm sides, not because I do not carry conviction, but because I see how vastly different each path is. Never have I been more grateful of my freedom and my privilege. I have been graced, and I know this is not the case for many. I am mindful in all that I share and feel because of this. The lens from which I view things is a safe one.

While I see fear in some and glory in others, what affects me is the violent divide between the two. Of course I understand why people would oppose each other, but from a deep and personal place, my hope is that we come to realize that we are all one in this. Empathy and compassion are virtues that in the end hold the most power. I do wish for the highest goodness for every being. I wish for clean waters, attainable healthcare, safety and security and education. I hope for peace and growth. I will continue to share in my good fortune, I will continue to learn and to love and to work diligently in my own evolution, so that my very being is a contribution. I will pray for our great nation and celebrate our unity.

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