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Wednesday Woman : Elan Bongiorno

You may recognize Elan Bongiorno for being an Emmy nominated make-up artist to the stars, including; Eva Longoria, Britney Spears, and Jane Fonda. While she is respected in the world of celebrities, Elan is truly passionate about cultivating a feeling of strength, through beauty in women. In addition to her vibrant career, she donates an enormous amount of her time, skill and heart, to The Beauty Bus Foundation. This Foundation provides beauty services to terminally ill patients and their care givers. They also donate services to mentally challenged children going to Prom. The Beauty Bus will provide in house services to people who are not able leave their homes. Elan jumps right on board every time she is requested to help. This is an example of the generous heart and purpose that Elan embodies. To say she is gracious and humble is an understatement.

Elan has been a successful make-up maven forever. Thirteen years ago she launched her own company, allowing her to parlay her philanthropic interests with her skills in beauty. Her vision was to make a difference in woman’s lives by helping them to feel beautiful and confident in their physicality. Elan was invited to come help out and share her talents at a salon; there she connected with a woman that forever changed her life. She was introduced to Haven Hills, an organization that houses abused and battered women. Elan immediately became involved. She taught classes to the women about makeup application techniques, and through this process and commraderie, helped them to feel supported in their femininity.

Elan continues her philanthropic efforts, by teaching Master classes, called Glam For Success, not only at Haven Hills, but also at The American Cancer Society, and Dress For Success.

Elan shared with me that investing in others feeds her soul infinitely. While her altruistic contributions fulfill her, she is in fact helping hundreds of woman to recognize their beauty and femininity. This is a feat that is so very necessary.

Elan shared with me that her mission is to help all women feel good about themselves through her EASY BeautyTips4Women to help empower all women inside and out.

Many of you who follow Elan on instagram have had the privilege of watching her amazing tutorials. Elan shares many of her beauty secrets, favorite skin and makeup items. It has been fun to watch Elan teach us all how to get her famous “Elan Eye” and the tricks of putting on makeup. I love her videos and I look forward to them. I myself have learnt a lot from her videos.

Many of you may not know but Elan has been busy working on the new television show Grand Hotel, Eva Longoria is the executive producer . You can catch Grand Hotel every Monday night on ABC at 10pm.

I watch in awe as Elan continues to inspire many woman, including myself, through her initiatives. I feel very privileged to have such remarkable woman in my life. A woman who exudes tremendous goodness, thoughtfulness, kindness and compassion. She is an extraordinary example to those who know and love her.

Follow Elan on Social Media.

  • Instagram : @BeautyByElan

  • Twitter : @BeautyByElan

For more information about the Beauty Bus Foundation click link below:

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