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Wednesday Woman I Admire: Brooke White

There are those people that walk the earth with such brave honesty about virtually everything they feel. These people will share trials they are going through in the most raw and candid way, truly wearing their heart bravely on their sleeve. They literally share, without pause, what one would want to say,but are terrified to. I truly admire, and am down right blown away by people that possess this quality.

My dear friend Brooke is that person. She carries such purity in her heart, that it pours out of her. She possess an internal light that shines through her as well as innate goodness that radiates through her entire being. This light of hers is unique because it is relatable. She is accessible and as real as they come. I feel so grateful to have this special woman in my life.

We share many parallels. We are both Geminis and relate on many fronts. From our struggles as artists, to our experiences as Mothers, to our devotion to our faith, the commonalities are deep and for that I am so very blessed to have her in my corner. We are both passionate about doing philanthropic work. Brooke became heavily involved with Operation Underground Railroad which is an organization that is trying to abolish anti-child trafficking. Which, sadly is so prevalent in our world today. That’s just the kind of kind hearted person Brooke is, she wants to make a difference and help.

Brooke is an extremely talented singer,songwriter, DIY girl, phenomenal painter, and hilarious human being . I look forward to seeing Brooke’s posts on Instagram or her posts on snap chat because she lights me up. She is so very honest and she makes me laugh from deep in my belly, and cry from sheer compassion and understanding of her sharing. Brooke is not afraid to talk about her faith and what she believes and loves, but she also fully honors and respects others. Everything she does is done in a loving, considerate and honest way. Brooke walks this earth in Gods reflection and it shows in all that she does and in all that are touched by her. She is a true blessing in my life and a woman I am thankful to have in my small circle of trusted, loyal friends.

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