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Wednesday Woman I Admire: Jennifer Cataldo

This cherished friend of mine is a woman with impeccable taste when it comes to fashion, interior decorating and food. The goodness of her heart has definitely touched all areas of her life and made them exquisitely beautiful. Her eye for things and putting them together is so very admired by me, and has earned great professional respect. She does it all in such an effortless way, it seems like she creates it in her sleep, but it’s truly innate.

We met through mutual friends 7 years ago, and it took a while to anchor our connection, but today I can say without a doubt that she is one of my favorite humans and best friends. Jen is easy-going, kind and consistent, which is a quality that I am realizing means more to me in a friend than just about anything.

She has created a successful business, The Accidental Decorator, as an interior designer with more work than she can manage. This is testament to not only her amazing talent, but to how trustworthy and consistent she is as a human being. She is a dedicated wife and mother and somehow she continues to make life beautiful for all that love her. I feel so blessed and lucky enough to be included.

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