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Wednesday Woman I Admire: Jennifer Principe

Fourteen years ago our family took a Disney Cruise, that’s a whole other blog post, and quite frankly, Im still recovering from that experience ! Anyway while I was on this cruise the ship stopped at a port and everyone got off to take excursions. With three small children ranging in age from four years to 5 months,we chose the beach excursion. While at the beach I met a woman named, Jen Principe. There is always a silver lining, and meeting Jen was mine.

She was from the Los Angeles area too, and was there with her husband and two young sons. We realized that we lived about ten minutes from one another. She was sweet, and friendly with amazing style which totally caught my eye. A connection was formed that continues to span twelve years.

We have been fortunate enough to create a bond with several families from our community that is supportive, fun and a true gift on all fronts. We have celebrated countless events together with our husbands and children and still maintained that ever important one on one girlfriend bond that is so crucial to life.

In the past five years, Jen began a career as a personal stylist which has gained amazing success. I have never doubted her talents and her ability to cultivate her dreams, but what is most inspiring and beautiful is her desire to take her love of fashion and use it to give back.

I am always amazed how Jen, seamlessly balances her life between career, family, friends and being philanthropic.

Jen created a program called Pretty and Pink for children battling cancer. Jen’s intention is to give young girls an opportunity to feel beautiful and celebrated despite the reality of their illness. She brings in beautiful clothing, a make-up artistry and a professional photographer and gives them a day of pampering and beauty with gorgeous professional pictures, creating a iStylebook for them to cherish. It’s an opportunity to be a princess for a day and forget the rigors of their illness. Jen takes her expertise on beauty and fashion and nurtures these precious girls who are battling,have battled or are in remission from this horrible illness. She is an inspiration and a force that I am honored to know and call her my dear, dear friend.

Pretty In Pink is a non-profit for girls struggling with cancer or in remission. For more information click link below:

Jen is available for styling or personal shopping. You can contact her via Instagram and send a message to her:

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