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Wednesday Woman I Admire: Kristina Goldberg

Kristina is a true transformer. She is more than an extraordinary make-up artist, she can transform people into just about anything. I sit in her chair and she works her magic using faces as blank canvases, creating something so very beautiful. She amazes me each and every time that she has done my make-up for one of my shows or a photoshoot. Her vision is always spot on.

On top of her amazing craft, she is a mother to three gorgeous children who are as gracious as their lovely mother. Her middle child, Emma, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 6, a devastating diagnosis and massive change in lifestyle for her and her family. Kristina’s dedication to her daughters health, safety and quality of life is unwavering. She has created several fundraisers to raise funds towards her daughters condition. Most recently, hoping to get a diabetes canine, that will detect when her daughters blood sugar levels are low, or spiked, which could be fatal. Kristina fights hard to advocate for Emma, but ultimately to all that are dealing with diabetes. She is fighting to bring awareness to the world and strengthen the bond of those dealing with this illness.

She is a pillar of strength, she loves full force, and makes things happen for her children in ways that only a truly a virtuous woman could. I am honored to know her.

In October 2016, Kristina put on a Charity Golf Tournament to raise money so Emma could get one of these canine diabetes dogs. They cost was about twenty-five thousand dollars. The event “Emma’s Dollars For Collars Golf Tournament was so successful and so many people jumped in to support. Thankfully Emma is the proud owner of one of these amazing canine’s, Mocha who is now two years old. It takes a village to raise a child and what a testament of love to the Goldberg family that so many people love them but truly wanted to make Emma’s dream a reality.

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