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Wednesday Woman I Admire: Kym Douglas

Many of you know or have heard of my dear friend Kym Douglas. I met Kym over seven years ago when our boys were in the same sixth grade class. We didn’t have an immediate connection, but began to grow as friends with the recognition of the consistency that she provided as a friend.

Her greatest virtue I believe is her humor. She is so very gifted in bringing light and laughter to any and every situation, truly bringing me to my knees in belly laughter, reminding me that nothing is really all that bad or important, and that laughter can heal just about anything. What a light and joy Kym is in the world and a great reminder of what I aspire to be. She has truly become my best friend and I consider her family. I respect the values that Kym holds true to and exemplifies by her actions every day. She is a mother and a wife and that comes first to her. I know people know her as a TV personality who is reoccurring on the Ellen Show, as well as a regular family member on Home and Family. Kym enjoys that part of her life and is a fabulously engaging television personality, but that part of her life does not define who she is. She lives with such integrity and grace and those qualities make her completely down to earth and relatable.

I would definitely call myself a spiritual person. I have faith in a higher power (God) and I have a great love for that power, as well as a love for the teachings of Jesus Christ. Kym and I have connected on this level and it’s one of the aspects of her that I hold so dear. She grew up a Pastor daughter, deeply rooted in that life and what it brought to her.

We are both women of faith and we dive deep into those conversations about life and how we need to continue to hold onto our faith and trust in God when adversity rears its ugly head. Kym does not let being on TV or the public eye stop her from being true to herself, which is a beautiful and powerful measure of a woman. She reminds me of this every time I am in her company. I truly admire her quiet strength, loyalty and her humble heart.

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