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Wednesday Woman I Admire: Monique Giroux

Monique is the definition of a solid sister. She is a cool and down to earth woman, who grew up loving the beach. While that girl has transcended into a successful and graceful woman, she still embodies that free and easy way about her. She is special and unique, and someone that I truly admire. She is lovingly called “Mo” by those that have loved her for years. Mo has that effect on people, you meet her and you feel like you know her. If you spend anytime at the Santa Monica Pier, especially over at the Playland Arcade, you may not realize that the girl who run’s it hands on, is Mo. Her family has owned and ran that part of the pier for sixty-seven years. Monique has been running it since she was nineteen, learning the ropes at a very young age.

Monique’s mother passed away when she was ten years old and she went to go live with her aunt. They never just handed anything to her, she has had to work and prove herself an active participant in the family business. As if that business was not enough, Mo was wanting something more. She had always wanted to start a business that expressed her style. Mo loves to be comfy during the day, but also look and feel stylish. She has always loved athletic clothing, but versatile athletic clothing that is sexy and edgy, yet comfortable. Monique decided to start her own business, pulling from lines that best express her own personal style. She began selling online for a couple of years, and segued into her own store called MoAthletix in the beautiful shopping center, Westfield Village in Woodland Hills, California.

Monique is a go getter. She wants to set an example for her beloved children, to show them the value of hard work. I admire her greatly for that.

Now Monique juggles her time between both of her business’s. She has shown her kids that when you are passionate about something, taking a leap of faith can provide incredible goodness and success.

Monique is smart, funny and someone that anyone would want to call a friend. She is a loyal and kind woman who values her family and friends in a way that is loving and genuine. She lives her life with integrity and tenacity. Above all she truly rejoices in the success of others. She is a blessing.

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