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Wednesday Woman I Admire: Toni Musso

When I met Toni we were both in the throes of pre-school and toddler frenzy. Our oldest children were busy little boys playing in the dirt and keeping us on our toes. It’s amazing how quickly the years tumbled on, bringing more children and well, more everything!

It’s wonderful to see Toni today, as our kids are growing into adulthood, and we grow out of young motherhood. I’m full of gratitude to share that common thread of experience and compassion with her as the circle continues to expand onward.

Toni is always thinking of others, and goes out of her way to make sure that those around her, close or not, feel the love. My youngest son Camden fell in love with Toni’s cheese quesadillas at the tender age of three. Camden would talk about them all of the time. When he was hungry he would say “Mommy I just want Mrs.Musso’s cheese quesadilla.” So one day Toni shows up at Camden’s elementary school to drop off cheese quesadillas for lunch. Who does that?! Yup Toni Musso does. Mind you she is a wife and mother of three. Serving others is just who she is.

Toni was the VP of a company that ran groups of physicians all over the country. She managed patient’s care, directed and authorized procedures, and oversaw case management, “managing the best care for the individual patient.”

Toni oversaw physician credentialing which entails physician education, internships, residencies, skill, problems and or sanctions etc. She was also in charge of quality management “quality of patient care.”

Last but not least she did health care contracting with the insurance companies and provided financial management for the physician. Toni sat in on writing many of our now used HIPAA laws and made sure they were in Medicare compliance. That was what she did for 20 years.

Toni retired when Lauren (her second child) was born and only stayed involved because her friends knew that she had a pretty extensive background and call her when they are in need of help and direction. Toni has stayed in contact with many of her physician friends and stays up on who is the best in their specialties. She does this so she is able to help as needed.

In Toni’s own words she said, “I love healthcare but it has major challenges. There are no clear-cut answers on how we will save this very important intricate part of our health and well being. We are not producing the great surgeons and physicians we use to, as they are over-educated, undervalued and grossly underpaid. To be a surgeon you graduate school with a potential million dollar debt and shoulders full of responsibilities. Being in this field has been an extraordinary education, and truly encourages me to help in any way I can. I am grateful for my education the industry has given me and the ability to help when needed.”

Toni is a rare breed of a woman. I am amazed and inspired by her sheer will to help just by virtue of the goodness of her heart. Many turn a blind eye, but she is not one of them. Toni truly is a blessing to all who know her.

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