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Wednesday Woman I Admire: Tori Marshall

There are so many things I can share that I admire about Tori, that words escape me. Not only is she a talented singer, songwriter and music engineer, but she has a true heart of gold. I met this beautiful soul 6 years ago, when we started collaborating musically. Tori and I had great chemistry and immediately started writing music together. We became instant friends in the loveliest of ways…Music.

s Tori and I got to know each other better I learned so much about her and her family. She is an identical twin sister, Georgia who has special needs. Tori is from Australia and moved to the United States to work on her craft. I know it was hard on her being away from her family especially from her sister Georgia who she loves beyond measure. Still, she left home to pursue her hearts dream.

She has cultivated great success as a protools engineer, which is no small feat, and has also written songs for many talented artists gaining great respect. Her abilities in songwriting and collaborating are remarkable. She listens in a way that is so very profound, tapping into emotions and musical innuendos that only a true artist is gifted with. I am honored to work with her every time I have the opportunity, and I as an added bonus I so enjoy her energy and company.

Tori joined forces with her friend, Mauli Bonner, to start a non-profit called, Lift Up Voices. She is able to share her love of music and her talents by bringing music to disadvantaged youth and children with special needs. Tori has a heart of gold and wants to give back and this is the perfect way to do it. What an example of love and kindness she is.

To learn more about Lift Up Voices click here:

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