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Wednesday Woman I Admire: Tracey Cunningham

There is so much to say about this beautiful woman. She is warm, sweet and truly a light in my life, and not just because she makes my hair look like spun gold!. Tracey lights up any room she enters because she is pure goodness at its best. She also happens to be the most coveted hair colorist not only in Los Angeles, but in the world. I have had the privilege of having Tracey color my hair the past eight years. You might know of Tracey Cunningham because she is the colorist to the stars, but me, I am just a regular girl and she treats me like an A-lister. It doesn’t matter if you’re Emma Stone, Gwyneth Paltrow, Mandy Moore or Faith Hill, Tracey makes sure you feel the love.

Tracey has been doing hair professionally for three decades, but has been a master at beauty from girlhood, working on her mom and her friends. She is a master in the world of beauty. Her clients have become her tribe and have stayed loyal to her not only because she is the best in the business, but the best in her integrity as a friend too.

Tracey started the incredibly successful Meche Salon with long-time friend Neil Weisberg. While her gift is definitely in color, she is most definitely an artist in all areas of beauty, no question. Her transformations are nothing short of mesmerizing. Her gift in beauty is extraordinary. She is also a devoted Mom to her beloved son Max. I love to watch Mom’s that work so hard and juggle motherhood with the things they are passionate about. It’s inspiring and liberating to see a woman succeed in all areas of life incuding family, friends and career. Tracey has achieved this for herself. The loveliest part, in my humble opinion, about my ride or die, colorist, is that she is unaffected by her massive celebrity following. I can text her as easily as Gwyneth can and I hear right back. She is the real deal and when you live in LaLa land, that can be hard to come by.

Tracey shared that while her celebrity clients are all physically beautiful, she has seen their inner beauty through the friendships cultivated and that is what she says shines the brightest. What a wonderful thing when successful women not only lift each other up, but are truly happy for each other’s success. Tracey shares all her secrets on how to get the perfect blonde or brunette with all those that follow her or if you someone fortunate enough to get into her master class. Tracey is genuinely happy for other’s successes and relishes in watching women make their dreams a reality. I not only love that about her and but I admire her for that too. She is the example of kindheartedness, selflessness and philanthropy. Tracey, thank you for bringing out ALL forms of beauty in every person.

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