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What's Your Word?

2022 has arrived with a bang! While we are still adjusting to the new world that we collectively exist in, the promise of a new year, a fresh start, and a clean slate always feels invigorating to me.

In the past, I always tried to coin the perfect New Year resolutions to get my life “in order.” If I have learned anything in this past year, it is that getting life “in order” is an illusion, not to mention a very tall and impossible order. Instead, I decided to come up with one word, just one, that would be my word for the year. A gentle reminder, a show of encouragement, and a reminder of the support that I have gifted myself. I won't lie I have agonized over what my word should be. You would think it's not that hard to come up with a word.

Instead of stressing myself out over this, I reminded myself that this is supposed to be fun. So many words felt important and right, yet the one that continued to persist in my chest was Honesty.

Honesty in my dealings, no matter the cost.

Honesty in my creative expression, because it’s my art and I get to choose how to express it.

Honesty in my personal relationships, so that I may deepen into those that deserve that.

Honesty in relationships that feel unbalanced and empty, so that I may move forward unencumbered.

And most of all, Honesty in what I stand for in life.

Here is to finding your word. May it help carry you into the year in pure love and integrity.

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Unknown member
Jan 07, 2022

Great word.! We should all be honest ourselves and our dealing with other people.

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