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Woman I Admire: Ashley Rosenblum

Oh my dear, sweet Ashley…I can’t express enough sweetness for this incredible young woman who is so very dear to my life.

I met Ashley 10 years ago, and have had the honor of watching her growth through courage and perseverance, into a very successful business owner. When we met she was pre-law and making handcrafted jewelry on the side. Her creative nature and abilities are most definitely her passion and strength. Knowing this, she bravely left Law school to invest fully in what she loved. Doing this completely on her own is a testament to her strength to step out and cultivate what inspired her without any safety net. Subsequently, through handwork, skill, love and faith she has created a Jewelry line, A.Marie Jewelry, that is not only beautiful, but widely known and incredibly successful. While I love her pieces and and so inspired by the success of my young friend, what moves me most is how generous she is with what she does and that spirit has made her business an ever growing success. Ashley, is a true supporter other woman. She has not let her successful push her into competitiveness, because she is and encourager, a supporter, seeing the value in having us all succeed. It is this generous and loving spirit that has won her such respect and love from so many.

I trust and respect her and am so very blessed to watch her success which encourages my own endeavors.

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