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Woman I Admire: Tanya Johnson

Tanya is pretty amazing, and she also happens to be my younger sister. I can remember from the time we were little we always had this big sister/little sister thing going on, obviously implemented and enforced by me. I made sure to show her who was boss (me, of course) and she kind of just followed suit.

When we were in High School, she would ask me to do her hair before school. I would act like it was a bother and that I didn’t want to, but I secretly loved it. Tanya would never get mad at me or frustrated with me. She was always sweet and grateful for my attention. To this day she is still the sweetest person.

Tanya is a mother to 5 amazing kids. The oldest being 16 all the way down to 4. She started her own business 8 years ago, running a preschool out of her home. She went out and became certified and created this amazing school and curriculum all on her own, while raising her own 5 children and devoting herself to her husband and her church. She is truly a wonder.

In addition, she has cultivated a following on Facebook as a beach-body coach. She began sharing her own experience and commitment to fitness and through her honesty and willingness to share her life, she has began a huge following of people that look forward to her daily fitness posts. I am beyond impressed with her dedication.

While Tanya, is my baby sister, she guides me and inspires me in ways that I could never thank her enough for. She is a woman that holds herself accountable to all of her commitments and reminds me to hold true to mine, all the while delivering her message to me through encouragement and unconditional love. She is deeply embedded in my heart and a true reminder of what sisterhood is.

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