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Young Woman I Admire: Larsen Thompson

I have known this young lady since she was a five year old sparkly girl. I met Larsen’s mom, Elizabeth who owned a children’s clothing store I would shop at frequently. We became fast friends as we discovered both our daughters were the same age and loved to dance. It was an instant bond for all of us.

I have been able to watch Larsen grow up and become quite an extraordinary young woman. From the days of Jordyn and Larsen running down to Cynthia Bain’s acting studio to take class together, to watching Larsen’s dancing career take off, as well as her modeling catch fire. She is truly a wonder.

I am so very proud of how far Larsen has come through her determination, dedication and gorgeous talent. You would think all of this success might have gone to her head, but I can tell you that is far from the case. She is as grounded as they come, and genuinely humble in her way. Larsen’s foundation is rooted in her relationship with God and the love and devotion she holds for her family . Larsen knows where she came from and she knows what’s important to her. In today’s world we all need to have some kind of faith in order to truly grow. Knowing a young woman with clear intentions and such a solid foundation is a blessing to witness. I am honored to know her and excited to see how she continues to blossom.

When Larsen was younger and dancing people were constantly discouraging her in her ability as dancer. Teachers, other adults, and peers would make comments saying, “Larsen will never make it in the dance world, she’s not focused enough, she is such a spaz”. All of these negative comments can really effect a child’s self worth and confidence. Instead of focusing on all the negativity, a nine year old Larsen sat down to watch a video of a dancer who had always inspired her. The dancer was Simrin Player, and in her video she said her dancing began at nine years old. Those words pushed Larsen to focus on her dancing. She was dancing thirty hours a week, and was determined to prove all of the negative people wrong. Larsen certainly has proved them all wrong, and has made a name for herself in the dance world.

In addition, Larsen has cultivated a thriving career in the modeling world. I can remember as a young girl how much she adored fashion. It’s not surprising to me that she is a shining success in this industry. Through it all, her humility is rock solid. I love Larsen’s honestly in sharing with me that when she started modeling she felt like she wasn’t pretty enough. She went on to share that she knows her look is unique, red hair and freckles everywhere. Larsen is not the typical California blonde, blue eyed girl, but she has realized that’s what makes her exactly who she is. Larsen’s look is enchanting and like no other and that’s what this industry is looking for. I love that Larsen believes in herself and freely states, “God made me this way and I need to be happy with myself”. I think we can all learn something from Larsen.

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