• Kimberly Dawn
  • November 9, 2013

The Beautiful Essence Of Kimberly Dawn Fardad

Kimberly Dawn embodies so much of what is captured in the spirit of this Holiday season. Grace, kindness and generosity radiate incandescently from every fiber of her beautiful being. Combine those virtues with a humble heart and you’ve captured Kimberly’s essence.

Married to the love of her life – successful entrepreneur, Farshad Fardad – the couple has positively touched so many lives in our community. From Kimberly’s unpretentious childhood beginnings on a farm in small town Vauxhall, Alberta, Canada where she sang in church, this budding musician found her way to Hollywood at age 18 where her life took on another direction.Four children later, Kimberly has come full circle and is enjoying the profoundly enriching elements of family life first while finding time to immerse herself in her passion – music! As a singer/songwriter, Kimberly’s musical talents continue to touch lives. Whether she’s performing as an opening act to Wilson Philips or at The House of Blues – or for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles at a Benefit Gala – Kimberly’s unique gifts to the world have incrementally made it a kinder place. Her current Christmas Album, ‘Christmas Wish’, contains some of her original, heartfelt compositions. One of the songs, ‘My Christmas Wish’, includes these words: “If we could right all the wrongs” and “if all of the world came together in harmony and peace – that’s my Christmas wish this year.” Fittingly, Farshad and Kimberly – together with children Tyler, Jordyn, Avery and Camden – grace our 2013 Holiday Cover Story with the genuinely good stuff.

Describe yours and Farshad’s journey to the present

Describe yours and Farshad’s journey to the present
Kimberly: Growing up on a farm is very different from growing up in Los Angeles. I knew from the time I was a 4-year-old little girl when I saw the movie Grease that I wanted to move to the big city when I was old enough to do so. At age 18 I packed up what little I had and moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting. I had no idea what I was doing. I honestly believed that someone would just discover me and that would be it! After studying acting, taking voice lessons and going on audition after audition, I realized I needed to find a “real” job – a job that could pay my bills. I began working in financial services and the person that hired me was my future brother-in-law. That is how I met my husband, Farshad. I was introduced to him at work. Shortly after meeting I went on a date with him and I knew after the first date that I was going to marry him; I vividly remember telling my grandmother “I am going to marry him someday” and I did! 2 years later we were married and started our family. Farshad worked in the financial sector for 10 years before going the internet space. Over the past 14 years his passion as an entrepreneur has been to build successful companies that create long-term value for his clients and great opportunities for his employees. Starting 3 successful ventures with his brother has been extremely gratifying. Farshad currently leads his online digital media company, Global Wide Media, with over 150 employees world-wide. 2 years ago, as we searched for ways of simplifying our lives and with Farshad’s on-line marketing background, he came up with an idea to start an on-line pet food company, called PetBest.com. The thought was that with a busy schedule and 3 dogs at home, we could set up an automatic delivery system that would deliver pet food to our home and eliminate the multiple trips to the pet store.

What is special about this phase in my life?
Kimberly: I am a blessed mother of 4 and am married to an amazing man. In between carpools, dance classes, sports, and music lessons, I try to find time for my passion. I am a singer/songwriter and I love it.  I am able to go out and perform when I can work it into my schedule. I am also very fortunate to have a husband who supports my passion and understands the importance of having an outlet for myself. I have also been able to watch my husband enjoy the things that he loves to do such as playing poker. We have been able to host a poker event in our home the past few years for our kids school, Oaks Christian. It has helped raise money for the school and of course it has been fun for Farshad to be a part of it. I am able to be involved in all 3 of my 4 children’s schools in different capacities and I am grateful that I am able to do so because that is very important to me.

Your singing career. How has that evolved?
Kimberly: At the age of 30 I had just had my 4th baby. I was really feeling a need to have something for myself, something that fulfilled me (not that being a mother and a wife didn’t fulfill me) in another dimension – something else that I could be passionate about. I have always loved music and decided to go back to having piano lessons. Having 4 children in our home I realized music created a sense of peace and comfort. As I was taking piano lessons I decided I wanted to record some songs for my kids. The producer that I was working with said I needed to write my own songs and I remember looking at him thinking – are you crazy? It was more of me not having enough confidence in myself that I was capable of writing a good song. Now, of course, I am so grateful for the nudge and I have taken up the challenge – continuing to write and sing. This past January I opened up for Wilson Philips. It was a surreal experience because I grew up on a farm in Canada – in awe of Wilson Philips – and here I was – opening for them. I could never have imagined that moment. In between performing I am currently writing and recording new material. My Christmas EP is currently up on iTunes.

What has life taught you and what enriches your life on a daily basis?
Kimberly: Life has taught me to slow down. We are not in a race; there is so much to enjoy but we need to slow down in order to savor the moment. I have also taken to heart that you are never too old to try something new. A book that has really helped me in so many ways is: ‘The Artist’s Way’ by Julia Cameron. She encourages us to ‘seize the moment’ and not put it off. The key is to get on and do it! I also do what’s called morning pages. Every morning I will get up a little earlier and write at least 3 pages of whatever is on my mind. It is very therapeutic and it helps me start my day fresh – getting all the issues that are on my mind off my mind. There’s another thing that really works well and I started it with my girlfriend, Kym Douglas’s book, ‘Bliss Happens’. In her book she talks about writing positive affirmations and posting them. I did just that and I noticed both of my daughters have started doing it. They have little posted notes on their bathroom mirrors. It is so cute to see that.

It’s the Holiday Season. Are there any traditions in your family during this time of the year?
Kimberly: The holiday season is my favorite time of the year. Each year, we go as a family and we each pick out a new Christmas tree ornament for the tree. By the time our kids are grown and have their own tree, they will have their own collection of ornaments and all the memories behind each one. We also have a Christmas Eve dinner every year where we invite our family and friends and have a big ‘ol feast. We love to entertain at our home; our idea of fun is “the more the merrier”. After we eat we all gather together in the family room and everyone receives a gift to open. Our children know that every year the one gift they get to open on Christmas Eve is always “ Christmas Jammies”. I hope that they will carry on this tradition when they have their families.

What are some essential pieces of guidance that you and Farshad are giving your children as they prepare for the world?
Kimberly: As a family we attend church every Sunday at the local Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. We feel it is important to have our children grow up with a strong faith foundation and for them to know the importance of being kind and serving others – principles that our church teaches and encourages. Our children are very blessed to live in such a beautiful and safe community. We encourage them to not only be good role models in our family but also in our community. We support our children in all their different endeavors and we want them to feel confident in all they do, so we let them try different things but once they commit to it they have to follow through till the end. Quitting easily is not an option. If one of them signs up for soccer, he/she has to finish the season. Life is hard and as you get older, things are thrown your way, and you need to be able to persevere through all those challenges.

What are the character traits that you respect and admire in others?
Kimberly:  Honesty, kindness, leadership qualities, and integrity

People you admire?
Kimberly: My husband, Farshad, for sure. Vicky Murphy – the Chief Advancement Officer at Casa Pacifica in Camarillo (Home for abused and neglected children in our community). She has been so instrumental in the success of Casa Pacifica. I admire her unflinching dedication to each child. I see how much she loves and cares for them and she never gives up. She is a hero and I wish there were more people like her. She is so humble and never wants anyone to fuss over her but she deserves to be fussed over. Another person I so admire is my friend, Melissa Kieling, who is a single mother of 3 children. After struggling, she marched forward determinedly and started her own company. I am so proud of her and what she’s created. She really makes me feel that with hard work, anything is possible.

Giving back is very important to you. What are some of the charities with whom you work?
Kimberly: Casa Pacifica– a home for abused and neglected children. It serves the Ventura and Santa Barbara areas. I have a very soft spot for this organization. Being a mother I have a hard time knowing that there are children that are being abused or just totally neglected. There are so many children affected by adversity in the U.S. and as a community member I feel the need to embrace these children – just as other members of our community have. All children have the right to feel safe and loved and each one of us can change these children’s sad lives. Casa Pacifica serves 4000 children a year. Every 2 hours a child is admitted into their program. For more details go to: casapacifica.org

Centennial Guild of Children’s Hospital Los Angeles: We fundraise for the benefit of the patients of Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. It is such a wonderful organization with so many amazing woman that dedicate so much of their time. I had the privilege of preforming this past year at their annual dinner/auction. Their theme was ‘Light The Way’ and it was truly a beautiful evening. It always feels good to be able to do something good for your community.

National Charity League: My daughter Jordyn and I started about a year ago. This is an organization that is set up for mothers and daughters to serve their communities. We assist different philanthropies and we are able to do it together. It has been such a rewarding experience for both of us and it truly has strengthened our relationship.

Wells of Hope: I was introduced to Wells of Hope through Tanya Memme, who is on ‘Sell This Home’. Wells of Hope drills deep-water wells so that thousands of Guatemalans are able to have fresh water, instead of being forced to drink contaminated water. I am hoping to make a trip to Guatemala this next year with Tanya and participate with her. I wrote and recorded a song “ World Of Fears” that was inspired by a Ugandan boy named Adolf Buguma. His sweet spirit touched so many lives, including mine. A portion of the proceeds from the song will go to raising funds to help Wells of Hope not only dig wells, but also build schools. wellsofhope.com

Plans for the future?
Kimberly: I want to help fulfill the passions of Farshad’s and my children by supporting their activities such as acting, singing and sports. I will continue to be involved with the various philanthropic organizations that are near and dear to my heart. Music is an undeniably big part of my life so being able to express myself creatively is important. There are many amazing producers that I would love to work with and continue to grow as an artist. I also would love to do some traveling with the family. There are so many places that I would love to see and I want to do it before Tyler leaves for college.

A perfect day?
Kimberly: Waking up whenever we want and not having anywhere to be. We could hang out in our jammies all day as a family and just do nothing but veg.

Favorite movie of all time?
Kimberly: GREASE!

Favorite vacation spot?
Kimberly: Nassau, Bahamas. We go every summer with the family. This year we stayed for 2 weeks and it was amazing. The people are kind and generous. The water is breathtaking and it is just a peaceful place for us. I love to just sit and listen to the ocean at night or bury the kids in the sand during the day. It is quality time away from all the schedules and craziness of “real life”. Another favorite spot is Whistler in my native home country, Canada. We were there over New Year’s Eve last year and we loved it. We’re hoping to go back this winter season.

Favorite memory of a profoundly moving moment in your life?
Kimberly: The moment when I became a mother for the first time. I was 23 when I had Tyler. When he was put into my arms it was so surreal. He was this beautiful, perfect little boy. The love that you have for your child is indescribable. It’s a feeling that never goes away.

If you could change one thing in the world, what would that be?
Kimberly: Stop the bullying that is happening to our children. Social media is available at the touch of our finger tips and it’s being used to bully kids and adults. Technology affords bullies the ability to harm others at such rapid speed and the damage that can be done to other people’s self esteems is immense. We need to have our children grow up to be confident, ethical leaders who can make this world a better place.

Story by Diana Lyle, Photography by Jeff Farsai & Brooke Bohm


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