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Kimberly Dawn is a county music singer-songwriter. Using her natural talent, Kimberly

expresses an authentic message of perseverance, humility, courage, and resilience.  Integrity,

Honesty and Strength are core themes in Kimberly’s songwriting, Songs such as The Bottle

(104k views) and ’93 (375K views ) are a great representation of her empowering songwriting.   

With over 1.4 million combined streams on Spotify, Kimberly's song "Slow Dancin’ In The Dark”

was nominated for Best Country Song in the 2019 Hollywood Music In Media Awards. Last summer

Kimberly Dawn released her new single and music video, “Deere John,” co-written with Don Miggs,

(163K views), which was featured on CMT Australia.  Her latest single, “Life Changing,” was released

just before the holidays in 2022. With 130K streams, Kimberly hopes this song will inspire and

remind others that one small act of kindness can change someone’s life. 


As an ambassador with the National Alliance On Mental Illness (NAMI), Kimberly strives to openly share

the story of her own personal mental health journey to inspire and uplift others.  Her song “The Bottle”

highlights the real-life struggle and pain of those struggling with addiction and with mental health issues. 


Kimberly has performed many times at the historic LA House of Blues and opened to Wilson Phillips in 2015.  

Kimberly recently performed at the legendary Bluebird Café in 2022, which has been one the biggest

highlights in her career. As Kimberly said, “Playing The Bluebird has been on my bucket list for so many years.

To be able to perform in such an iconic venue that so many of the greatest songwriters of all time have

played was truly an exhilarating feeling.” Kimberly has been writing and as well as recording new music

with Kent Wells.  Nashville Country Music Magazine, Nashville Music Guide, The Tennessee Star,

LA Fashion and New Music Weekly have featured Kimberly’s authentic and unique approach to country

music. She has also been featured on popular podcasts such as "Everything with Ali Levine."

In May 2022, she partnered with MAGIC Tradeshow to perform on the opening day of their first-ever

Nashville MAGIC show.  Kimberly currently has an ongoing brand partnership with Nashville,TN-based

vintage woman-owned company Planet Cowboy. This past summer, Kimberly released

a duet,” Do I Love You,”  with Grammy Award-winning songwriter and arts Paul Anka.

Kimberly is continuing to write and is getting ready to be releasing quite a bit of music in 2023.

Her latest single, "Leave Her Better," is scheduled to drop on June 15, 2023.  She is hard at

work, working on her next country album. 

You can follow Kimberly on her different social media platforms, where she shares more than

her music. Kimberly brings her fans into her world. As Kimberly says, she wants to connect with her 

fans and for them to feel a connection with her.











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